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Drag-Flex When you need to move the tough stuff like sludge, slurries and liquid manure, Drag‑Flex is the neat solution to a dirty job. Drag‑Flex is a large diameter, lightweight, flexible and compact layflat drag hose.

With a high tenacity, synthetic woven jacket and extruded through-the-weave polyurethane cover and lining, Drag‑Flex serves as a conduit to provide safe, effective and reliable transport to the discharge site.

Drag-Flex is engineered to withstand abrasion and the rigors associated with dragging through rough terrain. The chemical resistant polyurethane construction housing also stands tough against hydrocarbons, alkalis and acids. Drag-Flex is available in diameters from 5" to 7" and in lengths up to 660' for the dirtiest of jobs (optional 6" x 990' length available)

Drag-Flex shall carry a 2-year written warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


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Diameter Weight Uncoupled Wall Thickness Burst Pressure Max Service Tensile Strength
5" 1.25 lbs/ft 0.15" 450 psi 150 psi 45,000 lbs
5 ½" 1.35 lbs/ft 0.15" 450 psi 150 psi 51,000 lbs
6" 1.50 lbs/ft 0.15" 450 psi 150 psi 64,000 lbs
7" 1.90 lbs/ft 0.16" 450 psi 150 psi 80,000 lbs
Maximum working pressure = 3x safety margin
Standard length is 660'; 6" also available in 990' length

• Drag-Flex is made from 100% high tenacity synthetic polyester yarn, circularly woven and completely protected by a through-the-weave extruded polyurethane cover and lining.
• Engineered to perform in any environment, Drag‑Flex can withstand surface temperatures from 1200 °F to -35 °F.
• Drag-Flex is guaranteed to withstand 10,000 cycles on the Taber Abrasion Machine (H‑22 Wheel: 0.5 kg), without exposing the liner.
• Exposure to sea water and contamination by most chemical substances, hydrocarbons, oils, alkalis, acids and greases have no effect on the performance of Drag‑Flex hose.
• Drag-Flex coupling options as required and specified by purchaser.

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As required and supplied by customer.

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