Type I
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Type I

Type 1 Manufactured in accordance with USDA-US Forestry Service Specification 5100-187, Type I provides superior heat, abrasion and puncture resistance for demanding forestry applications. A heat resistant ring spun outer jacket prevents damage from sparks and radiant heat.

The polyurethane lining with Key Hose “smooth flow technology” delivers more water at higher pressures. Lightweight, easy to handle and fitted with threaded or quarter-turn couplings.

Available in percolating and non-percolating construction.

Meets USDA-US Forestry Service Specification 5100-187 Type I


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Diameter Part No. Service Test Proof Test Burst Test Bowl Size Weight Uncoupled
1" FF10-450 300 psi 600 psi 900 psi 1 3⁄16" 0.08 lbs/ft
1½" FF15-450 300 psi 600 psi 900 psi 1 11⁄16" 0.12 lbs/ft
Hose will be marked FSS, 450 WP, 187 Type I, per US Forest Service Specification 5100‑187C

Color Options


Expansion ring threaded or quarter-turn quick connect couplings available as specified by the end-user. Couplings shall meet 5100-108 minimum requirements.

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